12 Week Sprint Training Program

12 Week Sprint Training Program

  • $40.00

Are you struggling with finding the right sprint training program? Are you looking to develop acceleration, speed, speed endurance, strength, power, all while developing lean muscle mass? If so, ATHLETE.X has the solution for you.

With the ATHLETE.X 12-Week Sprint Training Program, you get all the workouts needed to take you from a general level of strength and speed into a faster, stronger, more powerful version of yourself.

Get 12 weeks of high quality sprint training for only $40!

What workouts does the 12-week sprint training program have?

The 12-week sprint training program includes workouts which are designed to be used in the specific preparatory phase of an athlete's off-season. You should have a basic level of general fitness, such as from lifting weights for at least the last few months. Workouts include:

  • Acceleration capacity workouts
  • Acceleration development workouts
  • Aerobic Capacity Workouts
  • Speed development workouts
  • Strength training workouts
  • Power development workouts
  • General strength workouts
  • Targeted bodybuilding workouts
  • Active recovery workouts

What types of athletes can benefit from this 12-week sprint training program?

This program is designed for the short sprints, as well as any athlete who needs to sprint between 40 yards and 200m for their sport or testing. This program works for athletes in the following events and sports:

  • 60m Dash
  • 100m Dash
  • 200m Dash
  • 400m Dash (if you adjust the conditioning sprints to longer distances)
  • Football players
  • Baseball players
  • Soccer players
  • Bobsled athletes
  • Skeleton athletes
  • Lacrosse players
  • Cricket players